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The "Balinese Tantra and Yoga Tradition" Book Project

A comprehensive book about the spirit of Bali. Exposition of Balinese tantric philosophies and yogic practices that have been passed down from ages through traditional palm-leaf manuscripts… and how it can enrich modern yogis and yoginis.


In 2019 I published three books about tantric & yogic tradition entitled Ilmu Tantra Bali (Volume 1-3). Those books are a more comprehensive study to my previous book, Meditasi Tantra (Tantric Meditation) which covered Sadangga-yoga practice, and my 2015 book Sakti Sidhi Ngucap which deals with Balinese Shamanism.

Now, I’m summarizing all those works and building comprehensive writing that I will title “Balinese Tantra & Yoga Tradition.”

Through this crowdfunding program, I hope I can publish the book in English, present it to a global reader.

All my books are about Balinese spiritual tradition, i.e. tantra, yoga, mysticism, and shamanism.

The Book ILMU TANTRA BALI are covering the tantric yoga traditions, their philosophical views, and practical approach. The first book a textual study of pre-modern Balinese tantric yoga manuscripts; the second book is a series of reflections of the traditional teachings for modern people; the third is meditation teaching from Balinese Shaiva-Bauddha Tantric views.

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The book is structured to be an insightful companion for the modern seeker. Despite the teachings being traditional (Balinese), the messages are universal. That is why the book will benefit its global modern reader, by focusing on universal messages.


As an expression of our gratitude for your support, every backers will receive a free ebook at the time it’s published. 

For backers with more than $100 funding will receive a paperback copy of the book. 

And for backers with more than $200 funds will get extra bonus, a “Balinese Cakra System” poster.



First, I will need to restructure my works from several books, building a new book with additional data and ideas.

Duration: 2-3 Months


Once the final draft for the re-newed book is ready, then the book ready for the translation process, from Bahasa Indonesia to English. This process included editorial editing and proofreading the manuscript.

Duration: 5-6 Months


The final step is publishing the book through Amazon’s KDP, both in paperback and ebook format. All donors will be notified when the book is ready to download for free.

Duration: 1 Month

Help us build a sanctuary of wisdom derived from Balinese Tantric and Yogic Literature!