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Om Swastiastu

Hi, I'm Putu

I’m a tantra & yoga enthusiast from Bali that deeply passionate about Balinese spiritual traditions, and sincerely hope can present them to you through this website.

I have published several books on tantra, yoga, meditation, and spirituality. Currently, all the books are in Bahasa Indonesia, but with your help, we can present them to English readers.

I’m an independent researcher. I write and teach through my online cultural school and other cultural activity with my non-profit organization. You can support my literary activity by joining my course or becoming my patrons

I would like to share with you about...

Tantric Philosophy

Wisdom and teachings from ancient Balinese Tantric manuscripts to enrich your perspectives about yoga, tantra, meditation, mysticism, and spirituality.

Yoga Practices

Balinese culture is based on yogic traditions, and here I bring all the yogic practices passed down from pre-modern Bali.

Balinese Culture

Anything about Bali from its golden age, from art, customs, rituals, and many more. I mostly share textual perspectives;n what has been written down on traditional manuscripts.


Spiritual Traditions

Insights about life, notes of a seeker regarding their journey. From a personal, textual, and historical point of view.

And I will need your help to bring the best out of my projects.

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Balinese Tantra & Yoga

Karma Cleansing: A Balinese Tantric Perspectives

Karma cleansing is one trend that is based on eastern spiritual traditions. Many individuals also claim to be able to help other individuals in cleansing their past karma to live a healthier, happier, and wealthier life. Various methods were used, ranging from meditation practices to the use of crystal stones

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Balinese Tantra & Yoga

Essence of Balinese Tantra and Yoga #1

The very heart of Balinese Tantra, Yoga, and all its religious teachings can be summed up in one word, transformation. Either Balinese meditative techniques or ritual is all based on it their transformative purposes. Transforming bad energy into good one; demonic to the divine; human to god, sickness into health,

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Balinese Tantra & Yoga

The Philosophy and Practice of Ongkāra Yoga in Balinese Tantra (Bird-eye View)

Ongkāra (Sanskrit: Oṁkāra) is the essence of Balinese spiritual tradition. Ongkāra has always been an inseparable part of the socio-cultural and literary tradition in Bali. Ongkāra is chanted as a mantra, written down as an emblem, and becomes an archetypical symbol representing many mystical teachings. As a chanted mantra, Ongkāra

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Mind of A Yogi: Being A Hermit for 10 Minutes

Sometimes meditation can be challenging to do. It is not uncommon when I sit intending to meditate, but my mind wandered here and there: thoughts of the future, memories of the past, feelings about things that haven’t yet happened, and suddenly I found myself in the roller-coaster of emotions. Meditation

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Wonderful Things That Happens With Focus

Focus is one of the essential meditative states to develop. Almost all types of meditation from all traditions involve and train focus on a certain level. The reason is due to the vital role of focus in human life. Focus is a condition when human attention is pointed at a

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Balinese Tantra & Yoga

Cosmicizing and Divinizing The Body

What we call ‘self’ lies within the body’s boundary, with the skin as the outer edge of the (physical) body. Something that is outside our skin will be called “something else” or “someone else.” Edges of the physical body are easy to comprehend. However, this is not the case with

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Balinese Yoga Tradition

The first and most comprehensive description of Balinese Tantra, Yoga, and spiritual tradition; based on traditional manuscripst, tailor-made for modern global audiences.