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Essence of Balinese Tantra and Yoga #1

The very heart of Balinese Tantra, Yoga, and all its religious teachings can be summed up in one word, transformation. Either Balinese meditative techniques or ritual is all based on it their transformative purposes. Transforming bad energy into good one; demonic to the divine; human to god, sickness into health, mortal to immortals, earth to […]

The Philosophy and Practice of Ongkāra Yoga in Balinese Tantra (Bird-eye View)

Ongkāra (Sanskrit: Oṁkāra) is the essence of Balinese spiritual tradition. Ongkāra has always been an inseparable part of the socio-cultural and literary tradition in Bali. Ongkāra is chanted as a mantra, written down as an emblem, and becomes an archetypical symbol representing many mystical teachings. As a chanted mantra, Ongkāra is placed as the most […]

Balinese Yoga and Tantra: A Very Brief Introduction

Balinese Yoga Tantra

Bali is one of the most popular destinations for yogis and yoginis from across the globe. But, it’s just (a modern form of) yoga being held in Bali, not Balinese yoga. Yoga practiced today in Bali is what scholars called Modern Postural Yoga, while the real Balinese yogic teachings remain unknown by the majority of […]