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Balinese Book of the Dead: Journey in The Afterlife (Part 1)

Bali is known for one of its magnificent rituals of death, the Ngaben Ceremony. This ceremony is filled with excitement as if conveys the message that death is celebrated, not mourned. For those who are still alive, especially family and friends, of course, to celebrate death is beyond difficult, if not impossible. Having a beloved […]

Śivarātri: The Light of Śiva and the Night of The Soul

Introduction Once a year, on the 14th day of the 7th month – a day before the new moon –comes a holy night called Śivarātri (more correctly; Mahāśivarātri). Śivarātri is one of the most important Hindu religious celebrations in Indonesia, including Bali. This night is also popularly called “the night of sin cleansing” or “the […]

Balinese Offering as A Meditative Tool

If you have been to Bali, one thing you’ll obviously notice is the offering that spreads almost everywhere. The offering consists of flowers in a different color, put in a vessel made with yellow coconut leaves. It’s called canang, an essential part of Balinese daily life. When you go to someone’s house, the canang is […]

The Mysticism of Goddess Sarasvati in Balinese Tradition

SarasvatÄ« holds a cherished place in Bali, especially among those who seek wisdom, as she is revered as the goddess of knowledge. However, SarasvatÄ« transcends being just an ethereal deity; she symbolizes myriad mystical and symbolic aspects within the Balinese paradigm. The name SarasvatÄ« also signifies an initiation ritual (Pawintĕnan SarasvatÄ«), an essential step for […]